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$10,000 for 2023-2024

 JALBCA's Supports SHARE Cancer Support

SHARE Cancer Support, a renowned organization providing comprehensive support for individuals affected by breast and ovarian cancers, has received a grant from the Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert (JALBCA). This partnership unites JALBCA's dedication to breast cancer awareness and SHARE Cancer Support's expertise in empowering and assisting those impacted by these diseases. With this collaboration, JALBCA and SHARE Cancer Support aim to enhance their breast cancer support programs, ensuring that individuals receive the necessary guidance and resources.


SHARE Cancer Support's Impact in Breast Cancer Advocacy

SHARE Cancer Support has a strong track record of advocating for and empowering individuals facing breast and ovarian cancers. Leveraging JALBCA's grant, SHARE Cancer Support can further expand its initiatives, focusing on providing education, resources, and a supportive network for those affected by breast cancer. Through their joint efforts, JALBCA and SHARE Cancer Support work towards amplifying breast cancer awareness, improving access to information, and enhancing the overall support system for individuals and their loved ones.


Collaborative Action for Positive Change in Breast Cancer Support 

JALBCA and SHARE Cancer Support collaborate to empower individuals impacted by breast cancer. Together, they combine their resources, knowledge, and passion to create a stronger support network and advocate for positive change. Through their joint efforts, JALBCA and SHARE Cancer Support strive to foster inclusive communities, provide essential education and resources, and enhance the overall well-being of individuals affected by breast cancer. By working together, they aim to ensure that no one faces breast cancer alone and that comprehensive support is readily available for all who need it.