Annual Awards Dinner

JALBCA's Annual Awards Dinner is held every year in May with the mission to raise funds for providing grants to various nonprofit organizations in the Tri-State area, to support legal and social services to cancer patients and their families, particularly those who could not otherwise afford them, as well as education and training efforts and early detection initiatives. Each year, the Maite Aquino Memorial Grant Award is presented to a corporate award recipient, and the Leadership Achievement Award is presented to a judicial award recipient.


This year's Maite Aquino Memorial Grant Award corporate recipient was presented to Morgan Stanley, Litigation Department; James Mangan, Managing Director & Global Head of Litigation and the Leadership Achievement Award judicial recipient was presented to Honorable Rowan D. Wilson, Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals. Jaci P. Flug  received the Volunteer Services Award for her many years of dedicated service to JALBCA.

2024 Annual Awards Dinner

JALBCA 2024 Thank You

Previous Award Recipients

Maite Aquino Memorial Grant Award - Corporate Award

2024 - Morgan Stanley

2023 - Pfizer Inc.

2022 - Tony West and the Legal Department at Uber

2021 - Martha S. Samuelson and Analysis Group

2020 - The IBM Legal Department

2019 - The AIG Global Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Department

2018 - Citi Legal Department

2017 - John Goggins & The Moody's Legal Team

2016 - Barclays Global Litigation Team

2015 - Gregory K. Palm, EVP & General Counsel - The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

2014 - Jill Centella & The JPMorgan Chase & Co. Litigation Team

2013 - US Litigation Team, UBS

2012 - Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP



Leadership Achievement Award - Judicial Award

2024 - Honorable Rowan D. Wilson

2023 - Judges of the Surrogate's Courts of the First & Second Departments

2022 - Justices Southern District of New York

2021 - The Matrimonial Judges of the State of New York

2020 - Hon. Jenny Rivera, Associate Judge of the NY Court of Appeals

2019 - The Justices of the Appellate Division, First Judicial Department

2018 - Hon. Paul G. Feinman, Associate Judge, NY Court of Appeals

2017 - Hon. Janet DiFiore, Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals & NYS

2016 - The Presiding Justices of New York's Appellate Divisions

2015 - The Women Justices of New York's Appellate Division

2014 - Hon. Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of the State of NY

2013 - The Commercial Division Judges of NY County

2012 - Hon. Gail A. Prudenti, Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts of NYS

Volunteer Award

2024 - Jaci P. Flug

2023 - Sandra Lespinasse, Esq.

2022 - JALBCA Founders & Past Presidents

2021 - Sharon L. Nelles

2019 - Edward S. Kornreich & Hon. Shirley Werner Kornreich

2018 - Hon. William Thompson