Scan Vans: For 2018-2019, JALBCA awarded grants totaling $250,000 to subsidize the cost of 60 vans.Center For Elder Justice & Law: For 2018-2019, JALBCA awarded a $100,000 grant to the Center for Elder Law & Justice. Project LEAD®: For 2018-2019, JALBCA awarded a grant of $50,000 to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund for the Cynthia Rubin Scholarship at Project LEAD®.The Family Center’s Maite Aquino Program: For 2018-2019, JALBCA awarded a grant of $100,000 to The Family Center’s Maite Aquino Program.The Family Center’s Judge Judith Kaye Project: For 2018-2019, JALBCA awarded a $100,000 grant to The Judge Judith Kaye Project at The Family Center. City Bar Justice Center/Cancer Advocacy Project: For 2018-2019, JALBCA awarded the City Bar Justice Center/Cancer Advocacy Project a $66,000 grant.

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Rosa Pannito & Dr. Wilson at JALBCA's 10/8/19 breast cancer program

Tihesha Wilson, M.D., Chief of Breast Surgery at Richmond University Medical Center, headlined the Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breakfast at the Richmond County Supreme Court on October 8, 2019. She addressed breast cancer statistics, risk factors, genetic testing, early detection by screening and breast self-examination, surgical treatment and reconstruction options, individualized treatment and respect for the needs of the patient and their family and answered questions from the audience. Thanks to Dr. Wilson, our co-sponsors, the Staten Island Women’s Bar Association (President Rosa Pannitto is pictured below with Dr. Wilson) and the Staten Island Gender Fairness Committee, for a great program! (Click here for more photos.)

JALBCA mobilizes the New York legal community to take action against breast cancer

JALBCA leverages the legal community’s expertise and resources to promote awareness, early detection, treatment, education and legal support for all those affected by breast cancer.

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