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JALBCA is a unique partnership of judges and lawyers who use their skills and resources to educate and support members of the legal community affected by breast cancer and members of the broader breast cancer community, especially those, often in crisis, in need of legal and social services because of breast cancer. Our partnership with our members is one of JALBCA's biggest strengths and is critical to its successes. Membership dues support our educational programs and our grants to organizations that provide legal services to low-income women with breast cancer and mobilize ScanVans to provide free screening to uninsured and underinsured women in their own communities. Members can get involved with programs, fundraising and development, grant evaluations and participate in steering the organization.

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Why Join JALBCA?

Are you craving a connection to a community with like-minded professionals? Are you moved by principles of social justice? Does tackling a pervasive health issue - known to affect every one in eight women - sound like a mission worth your time? Have you, a family member, friend or a colleague been affected by breast cancer?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert is a welcoming community for you. For over 30 years, JALBCA has been connecting its members to a quiet community with smart, savvy, influential, powerful and empathetic members passionate about fighting against the psyche-damaging and sometimes career-altering effects of a breast cancer diagnosis. Members meet both in-person and virtually at regular meetings, educational programs and social events, work to educate members of their profession and the public and harness their legal expertise, passion and resources to promote education, early detection initiatives and free legal services to those affected by breast cancer.  They also offer a "safe" forum, through structured, facilitated monthly support meetings for members of the legal community whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.