Join one or more of JALBCA's various committees to further get involved and help make a difference


Committee (Board members only) meets 2-3 times a year with the JALBCA CPA, bookkeeper, etc.  The committee is responsible for reviewing tax returns, the audit and other financial issues.

CHAIR: Hon. Leslie Stroth        

CHAIR: Lauren Crane              


JALBCA's Dinner and Development Committee is responsible for the planning of the Annual Awards Dinner and developing JALBCA's fundraising strategy. Committee members are involved in selecting award recipients, outreach to previous and potential benefactors, supervising the run-of-show and all logistics for the dinner.

In addition, the Dinner & Development Committee works with the Executive Director to develop additional fundraising opportunities and cultivating benefactor relationships. The committee meets 4-5 times a year.

CHAIR: Richard A. Edlin              

CHAIR: Maura Miller                   

CHAIR: Helen Gredd                   

CHAIR: Matthew A. Schwartz    


JALBCA's Grants Committee reviews and grades the grant applications JALBCA receives, ensuring projects align with JALBCA's mission, and makes recommendations to the JALBCA Board on how to distribute funds. Committee members also work on recruiting potential new grantees. The Grants Committee meets 3-4 times a year.

CHAIR: Vilia B. Hayes               

CHAIR: Ilene Jaroslaw              

CHAIR: Hon. Ashlee Crawford


This committee works to develop a strategy to recruit new JALBCA's members and encourage existing members to get involved in JALBCA's committees, activities and leadership.

CHAIR: Hon. Donna Golia      


JALBCA's Nominating Committee reviews the application materials of potential new JALBCA Officers and Board members during an annual Nominating Committee meeting with the Executive Director. The Committee composes a report on the applicants proposed for the open positions and Board of Directors, which is voted upon at JALBCA's Annual Meeting of the Members.

CHAIR: Lauren Wachtler        


JALBCA's Programs Committee actively suggests, organizes and co-sponsors various JALBCA programs, including educational webinars, live presentations and the annual Ellen P. Hermanson Symposium.

CHAIR: Hon. Linda M. Capitti  

CHAIR: Rian A. Silverman        

CHAIR: Hon. James G. Clynes 



JALBCA's Support Group comes together to empower one another through monthly support group meetings. Our committee takes pride in scheduling these gatherings, fostering a safe space for sharing experiences and finding solace in the company of fellow warriors.

CHAIR: Lauren Crane              

CHAIR: Magnolia D. Levy        

CHAIR: Hon. Karla Moskowitz