Apply for a Grant from JALBCA

Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert (JALBCA) provides grants to support legal and social services to breast cancer victims and their families, particularly those who could not otherwise afford them, as well as education and training efforts and early detection initiatives. Grant funds are raised by our Lawyers' Division at our annual dinner and through donations and membership dues.
How to Apply:

1. Please review the JALBCA Grant Application Process and Requirements for 2023-2024, available for download here

2. Complete the two-part JALBCA Grant Application 2023-2024: (1) Part 1 - the JALBCA Grant Proposal Information Sheet (a fillable PDF, available for download here), and (2) Part 2 - the JALBCA Grant Proposal (a Word document, available for download here).

3. To be considered for a grant for 2023-2024, the completed application form (including the JALBCA Grant Proposal Information Sheet in PDF format and the JALBCA Grant Proposal in both Word and PDF formats) and all the additional material required in Section X of the application must be submitted electronically to on or before August 15, 2023.

Questions and Answers:

Requests for information received from potential applicants and JALBCA's responses, available for download here.