Project renewal

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$125,000 for 2022-2023


Project Renewal's mission is to is to end the cycle of homelessness by empowering individuals and families to renew their lives with health, homes and jobs. Project Renewal's ScanVan mobile mammography unit visits traditionally underserved areas across New York City and Suffolk County with the aim of providing breast health care that is comprehensive, compassionate, and culturally competent. We partner with hundreds of community-based organizations to reach a diverse range of women, the majority of whom are low-income and/or uninsured and therefore lack access to adequate preventive breast health care. Since 2008, the ScanVan has provided over 50,000 screening mammograms and uncovered hundreds of breast cancers. JALBCA has generously contributed over $1.7 million to the ScanVan, directly allowing us to serve over 10,000 women in the past 15 years of operation. With their support, we have been able to re-expand operations in the wake of COVID, adding dozens of brand-new community partners across the boroughs who have helped widen our reach of patients.


Addressing Healthcare Disparities and Outreach

Project Renewal has a long-standing commitment to addressing healthcare disparities and improving access to quality care for vulnerable populations. With the support of JALBCA's grant, Project Renewal can strengthen its breast cancer outreach efforts, reaching underserved communities with education, early detection initiatives, and comprehensive support services. Through this collaboration, JALBCA and Project Renewal combine their strengths and resources to bridge the gap in breast cancer awareness, education, and care for individuals who may face significant barriers to access and support.


Empowering Breast Cancer Support through Collaborative Action 

The partnership between JALBCA and Project Renewal highlights their shared vision of improving breast cancer support services for marginalized individuals. By joining forces, they can amplify the impact of their programs and initiatives, expanding the reach of breast cancer education, screening, and support programs within underserved communities. Together, JALBCA and Project Renewal strive to empower individuals with knowledge, resources, and compassionate care, ensuring that all individuals facing breast cancer have access to the support they need. Through their collaborative efforts, they are working towards lasting change and improved breast cancer outcomes for those most in need.