National Breast Cancer Coalition

NBCC Grant 2

$20,000 for 2023-2024

Empowering Advocates in the Fight Against Breast Cancer


NBCC's mission is to end breast cancer through the power of action and advocacy. We believe this can only be done through knowledgeable advocate involvement in all aspects of breast cancer including research, access to care, and public policy.


NBCC's Project LEAD and Summit programs provide education and training for survivors and other advocates so they understand the systems and process of research and healthcare and know how to influence them.  They can collaborate with scientists, oversee how funding is spent, expand access to quality care, and set a policy agenda. NBCC teaches thousands of advocates the complexities of breast cancer science, research, and the public policy process to help ensure their voices are not only heard but respected and provoke system change that will benefit everyone and save lives.


JALBCA's support of NBCC began in 2013 and has been critical to our advocacy education and training programs. Funding in recent years has primarily provided scholarship support for advocates to attend our Project LEAD and Annual Leadership Advocate Summit. Through JALBCA's support, NBCC established the Cynthia Rubin Scholarship Fund for Breast Cancer Patients and Advocate Education. Scholarship support for advocates to attend our education and training programs has allowed NBCC to not only expand our reach but it has ensured that our programming is available to everyone regardless of socioeconomic status. A unified, diverse voice is vital to ensuring that NBCC makes the greatest impact for the benefit of everyone.