The Family Center’s Maite Aquino Program

For 2021-2022, JALBCA awarded a grant of $135,000 to The Family Center to support The Maite Aquino Program.

The Maite Aquino Program provides comprehensive legal, social and health services to low-income, minority NYC mothers affected by breast cancer, their children and other family members.  In addition to their breast cancer diagnosis, Maite Aquino Program clients often face multiple stressors, including legal issues, mental health problems, domestic violence and stigma.  The cumulative effects of these stressors impede the efforts of young mothers to provide safe, stable home environments for their families.  Thanks to JALBCA and Sullivan & Cromwell, The Family Center’s Maite Aquino Program assists these vulnerable clients and their families and provides tailored, intensive services to support them.  Annually, The Family Center serves hundreds of breast cancer-affected women and families in the NYC area.  Since 2012, The Family Center has served approximately 373 breast cancer-affected mothers and 474 children and family members with legal, social and health services in memory of Maite Aquino.