The Judith S. Kaye Project at The Family Center

In 2017, JALBCA awarded a $100,000 grant to The Judith S. Kaye Project at The Family Center.

Founded in 2008, The Judge Judith Kaye Project at The Family Center has served a total of 1,238 breast cancer-affected New Yorkers. The Project annually provides comprehensive legal, social and health services to low-income, minority city residents, including 50 mothers and caregivers affected by breast cancer, and their children, spouses and family members. For the first time in The Judge Judith Kaye Project’s history, The Family Center will also now serve an additional 25 older, low-income, minority NYC women, who find themselves diagnosed with breast cancer, but have no children or other sources of support to sustain them during their diagnosis and treatment. In a 2013 hospital-based study, researchers found that “the survival of women with breast cancer diagnosed at later ages is worse than that of younger women.” The Judge Judith Kaye Project has long recognized the disadvantage that women of color, and women living in poverty, have when it comes to being diagnosed with breast cancer and then treated for it. Now JALBCA and The Family Center are also working to address the stark reality that older NYC women face significant challenges when diagnosed and treated, as well.