The Mount Sinai Breast Health Resource Program

In 2016, JALBCA awarded a $75,000 grant to The Mount Sinai Breast Health Resource Program’s Young Women’s Program.

The Mount Sinai Breast Health Resource Program (BHRP) is dedicated to meeting the emotional and practical needs of women with breast cancer. We offer information, guidance and therapeutic support to patients by providing services that address the physical, psychological and financial needs that result from breast cancer. Through individual and group counseling, we help patients navigate treatment options and cope with the challenges of a breast cancer diagnosis with the ultimate goal of promoting health, wellness and survivorship.

Young women with breast cancer experience suddenly interrupted priorities in their lives. Rather than focusing on family and career, some switch to focusing on fear and uncertainty about their health and their futures. Because of the generous funding received through JALBCA, we have been able to create a unique program to help these women. Our Young Women with Breast Cancer Program offers a supportive environment for young women who are grappling with their diagnosis and its consequences of treatment where they can meet others like themselves. This program provides coping and knowledge tools that will help them reconnect to their personal goals. As part of the program, a dedicated social worker meets with women diagnosed under age 40 to identify their most urgent needs and offer therapeutic counseling and navigation services. Young Women Connect is a support group where young women can begin to regain social comfort. Group activities help the participants normalize their breast cancer experience while they reach for age-appropriate life benchmarks. The group’s focus is about helping young women with breast cancer move from the patient role toward participating in survivorship activities.