Project Share

SHARE’s Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group

In 2016, JALBCA awarded a $30,000 grant to SHARE’s Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group.

SHARE’s Metastatic Breast Cancer Teleconference and In-Person Support Program provides critical support and information to women with metastatic disease who are often too ill or otherwise unable to get to an in-person support group. It also increases accessibility to support services by making them available to women outside SHARE’s New York City location. For more than nine years, SHARE has offered these services, however in the last year we have added both a Spanish-language group, and an in-person group. The program is unique in the nation, and is comprised of four ongoing English-language teleconference support groups, led by a combination of licensed therapists and specially trained metastatic peers, one Spanish-language teleconference group, and an in-person support group. SHARE is proud to have continued expanding this initiative which provides unparalleled support to women struggling with metastatic breast cancer.