City Bar Justice Center/Cancer Advocacy Project

For 2018-2019 JALBCA awarded the City Bar Justice Center/Cancer Advocacy Project a $66,000 grant.

The City Bar Justice Center’s Cancer Advocacy Project (CAP) provides free legal assistance to low- and moderate-income cancer patients, survivors and caregivers in three areas: preparation of life-planning documents, health law and insurance-related issues, and cancer-related employment discrimination. Experienced volunteer attorneys counsel clients and prepare life-planning documents such as simple wills and advance directives. The health law component provides advice and assistance with denials of coverage by medical insurance companies, and the employment discrimination component provides information, advice and counseling on issues relating to workplace discrimination and employee benefits. In addition, CAP conducts community presentations on these issues, plus medical debt, for cancer-related organizations, support groups and service providers in NYC. CAP has also created a series of user-friendly guides, many of them available in English and Spanish.